Welcome to our CNC Machining & Precision Manufacturing shop. Need a custom component created? Manufacturing a new design? We use CAD & CAM to help our clients design and manufacture high-quality products and components. Many of our clients use layered processes to complete their final project. Have questions? Not sure what you need? Call our shop–or drop us a note. We’re here to help.

What tolerance levels and sizes do you produce?

Standard CNC machined parts have dimensional tolerance of ± 0.005″ and our shop is capable of precision levels of ± 0.003.”

What types of materials can you manufacture?

Our shop produces medical equipment, military components, construction parts and more, so we’re experienced in working with a wide range of materials. Clients leverage our material expertise to choose the best material for their usage. 

Can your shop….? Seriously, just ask.

You have questions. We’re here to help. We see questions as the pathway to both stronger products and relationships.

Call: (417) 862-9773 or Send us a Note

The Tools of Our Trade

CNC Turning

Cylindrical design? Our CNC lathes and turning centers deliver efficiency and precision.

CNC Milling

Complex and intricate part? Our CNC mills operate on multiple axes and deliver advanced cutting capabilities.

Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal project? Our brakes, punches, dies and tools craft strong shapes.

Swiss Lathe Machining

Have a design with tight tolerances and complex geometries? Our Swiss Lathes boast 13 axes and are machining marvels.


Developing an innovative product? In addition to quick-turn machining, our CAD & CAM software can help you hone your design.

Precision CNC Machining

Your intricate design is our masterpiece. Our detailed processes enable us to turn, mill, burr and bend your metal of choice into your perfect lynchpin component.

CMM Inspection

Our product inspector is programmed for perfection, literally! Nothing gets past our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and its exacting digital eye.

CAD & CAM Software

Have an idea? We leverage powerfully integrated CAD & CAM software to help you craft your design and convert the specs into machining code.

On-Time Delivery

Delays and errors are expensive. As part of your supply chain team, you can count on us to deliver on-time, every time. Learn how we live our client guarantees.

Considering a Custom Machining Manufacturer?