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CNC Machined Parts & Precision Manufacturing


Looking for a custom manufacturer who can produce quality construction and industrial components? Soliciting bids for your next project? Gearing up for growth and looking for supply chain support? Whether you’re exploring shops and materials—or you’re ready for a quote, we’re here for you.


Working on a custom build or project?

Your clients’ construction project is an extension of their brand. Need an intricate logo crafted out of a light weight material to hang in the lobby? Need sturdy metal work for a show-stopping staircase? Custom metal storage cabinets? Whatever your client needs, we’re here to serve you.

Manufacturing metal products and need custom components?

You manufacture quality products, but your shop’s space is limited. We serve custom fabricators by producing components of their designs, so they can focus on their area of expertise. Our shop extends your capacity, adds value and supports you through your next growth phase.

Investing in infrastructure or utilities projects?

Whether you’re adding new infrastructure or updating your utilities system, you need craftsmanship that outlasts storms, corrosion, pressure, cold and heat. We invest the time to understand your project, offer recommendations and deliver quality machining.

We’re a custom shop—so every project is unique.

Piping & Straps
Control Panels
Metal Cabinets & Storage
Solar Power Components
Railings & Brackets
Architectural Elements
Lighting & Fixtures
Machinery Components & Parts

The possibilities are endless. What type of component do you need created? Want to explore the value proposition offered by different materials?  We’re here to help you.

Questions? Looking for a Quote?

We’re an owner-operated shop, so we’re easy to reach. How can our shop support your success?

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