CNC Machined Parts & Precision Manufacturing

Looking for a custom manufacturer who can produce quality aviation components? Soliciting bids for your next project? Gearing up for growth and looking for supply chain consistency? Whether you’re exploring shops and materials—or you’re ready for a quote, we’re here for you.

Are you working on helicopters?

Whether you manage an EMS flight fleet or are manufacturing a new line of helicopters, we’re here to help. Need custom equipment fitted to your helicopter? Need motor components machined? You bet. Our rigorous testing process ensures every component of every order is machined to precisely the engineers’ specs.

Crafting or repairing airplanes?

You rely on your aircrafts to transport goods, people and navigate punishing environments. That’s why it’s important to work with a shop that uses industry-leading technology to check your parts. If there’s even a partial micron of error, we re-machine before it ever leaves our dock.

Building a space shuttle or satellite?

To our knowledge, SPS’s work hasn’t exited Earth’s orbit… yet. But if you’re exiting our atmosphere, you need to trust every component implicitly, and that is our specialty. Our precision machined parts are in control boards and technology products.

Q: What are popular metals and materials used in the aviation industry?


Need a lightweight material with high tensile strength? Aluminum’s an Aviation and Industry favorite. It offers strength  comparable to steel without the weight.

Alloy Steel

Alloy Steel 4130 is a top choice because of its strength, durability and machinability.

Why do clients choose Superior Process Solutions?

Advanced Precision Machining

You rely on your machined parts being crafted to exacting engineering standards, and our sophisticated machines and processes are designed to deliver advanced precision.

CMM Quality Inspected

You need your machined parts to be exactly as ordered. That’s why our shop puts every piece of your order through our CMM inspection before it ships.

Tangible Dependability

You need a team you can trust. It’s why you’ll like our plain language SPS Guarantee. Know what’s even better? Never needing it—that’s dependability.

On-Time Delivery & Tracking

Delays are expensive. Our process ensures you receive each shipment on time. We’ll even send you confirmation with your tracking link when it leaves our dock.

Want to learn more about our plain-language SPS Guarantee?

What’s on your project list?

Custom lathed stators?

We’re a custom shop—so every project is unique.

Engine Case Assemblies
Flaps, Hinges, Vanes
Precision Valves
Honeycomb Seals
Bearings & Bearing Housings
Stators & Airfoils
Shocks & Struts
OEM Parts

The possibilities are endless. What type of component do you need created? Want to explore the value proposition offered by different materials?  We’re here to help you.

Questions? Looking for a Quote?

We’re an owner-operated shop, so we’re easy to reach. How can our shop support your success?

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