Are you looking for industry-specific solutions? We work with clients across the globe in nearly every industry sector. Wondering if we work with clients like you? Here’s some of our most popular sectors.

Here’s what we do in this industry and how we can help.


How do we help?

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How does SPS factor into your industry’s success?

You rely on quality components and timely deliveries. Our work ensures you have the right components at the right time, so you can focus on your growth goals.

Here’s How We Help

Reoccurring Orders

Need a steady stream of components created each month or every week? Our record for delivering on-time, error-free components makes us the machining manufacturer of choice for prominent companies coast to coast.

Custom, Single Runs

Have a one-time custom machining need? Our lathes, mills and software are ready to help you. Our shop handles everything from small, single run projects to large, continuous production projects.

OEM Parts

You pride yourself on quality, and we hang our hat on craftsmanship. That’s why we’re the machining manufacturer of choice for producing industry’s OEM parts.

What kind of parts can our shop produce?

What Capabilities Do You Need?


From X mm to X feed


Aluminum, Steel and Beyond


Up to XX spec precise