We’re committed to delivering your order exactly as ordered, and we back it up with our plain-language SPS Guarantee.

No hoops. No hassles. No fine-print.

SPS Guarantee

We’re committed to delivering quality components. By consistently delivering components on time and machined precisely, we remove a variable from your workload. Our processes were crafted to prevent errors (hence how we chose our name).

However, we’re human. Someday, a storm may hit or a team member may make an error. When that happens, we’re committed to making you our top priority. We’ll extend our shop hours, pay for expedited shipping and whatever else we need to do to make it right. We’ll also keep open lines of communication so your team can plan and pivot.

It won’t be… We don’t say that out of arrogance. We intentionally built redundancies and checkpoints into our processes to prevent errors. Our ERP system calculates material stores, capacity by machine and factors in staffing levels. If it looks like we’re running close to capacity in any area, we know in advance. Additionally, if we needed to choose between delivering an order late or paying for expedited shipping—we’d pay it.

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