Titanium is a popular metal choice for medical devices. Its high strength, low density properties make it an ideal choice for replicating human bones and joints. Unfortunately, it’s also a precious metal with the price tag to match.

Low Scrap Rate

Precision manufacturing necessitates a minimal level of scrapped metal. Your minimum scrap rate depends on your design. However, every additional percent of scrap is lost value and wasted expense. Scrapping a few faulty Titanium joints may seem like a small error, but it adds up to an expensive mistake. SPS has one of the lowest possible scrap rates in the industry, 2%. We plan your project carefully and look to build in production efficiencies. Our processes are designed to capture human input errors before machining the first run.   

Tight Tolerances

The healthcare and medical industry relies on precision tools. Whether they’re working with surgical scalpels, orthotics, cannulas or MRI components, professionals need quality tools and devices. Our Swiss Lathes enable us to manufacture complex, intricate designs with industry-leading precision. We then leverage our CMM inspection process to ensure every order is expertly finished.

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