This is your COVID story. 

You didn’t have extra capacity. You were filled up with orders–but the industries you serve had needs. International shipments were delayed and their business operations were at a critical point.

You could have just said no. Instead you took the extra orders by….?

  • Overtime Volunteer Shifts. Let employees volunteer for extra hours? 
  • Extended Hours. Shops operational hours were extended by opening earlier and/or closing later? Team effort by ______?
  • Retention Program Paid Off. We aren’t just competitive–we’re preferred. Our employees are full-time, full-benefits. We build long-term relationships, hire those willing to work to our standards–and then reward that work. Turnover is expensive. We’d rather spend that investment in keeping great machinists. During crisis engaged, dedicated team members really pays dividends.

Something about how you stock extra materials for key clients so that while there was uncertainty in the market about materials–your clients knew they wouldn’t experience any manufacturing interruption.

CTA: Live in Springfield, MO and have a passion for manufacturing? We’re always looking to add new team members. Send us an email and a little information about your work history and goals.

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